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My Story

The new age of DevOps isn’t about fixing what’s broken but building it right from the start.

I’m always looking for my next interesting project I can help kick off, build the DevOps solution around it, and deliver the architectural solution. I’ve spent 15 years in the IT industry starting as a system engineer and in the past 5 years as a solutions architect building things from the ground up with great architecture and DevOps from the start, taking the clutter out of a project so the devs can just focus on great development and Ops can focus on maintaining.

I want to focus on the future of the company , not just fighting fires. I want to help build the system, not just maintain, fix or refactor it, making architectural choices that will long improve the future users of that code. not the past and technical debt. I work best with smaller companies or teams with new projects within larger ones, where we really can make a difference, designing, implementing and delivering an end goal through short sprints. I want to work on more strategy, goal-setting, architectural solutions, and greenfields

I bring my design and implementation domain knowledge, awkward sense of humor, and a strong sense of trust and responsibility to each project. I’m very goal-oriented and I’m proud of the quality of my work, always trying to deliver the best results without taking shortcuts. I like to work with industry best practices and new tools and technologies, like blockchain and navigation, Docker and Kubernetes, and cloud infrastructure.

My Experience

DevOps Freelance contractor - Taurak IT LIMITED (own company)

DevOps Consultancy | Freelance DevOps Engineer | Freelance Solutions Architect

Over the Past few years, I’ve found I can be most effective joining teams for three- to six-month periods as a freelance DevOps engineer and solutions architect.

Some of my projects in the UK and EU -

Fiinu PLC - Startup bank, Camberley, Surrey

October 2022 – August 2023

As a Senior DevOps and Cloud Engineer at a pioneering fintech start-up bank, I functioned as a self-employed consultant, joining the company during its mobilisation phase to construct the production environment. I successfully created a multi-tier cloud environment leveraging Account Factory and Landing Zones, laying the foundation for the company's unique fintech solutions. I built a robust infrastructure to support the mobile app, utilising AWS, Terraform, and Jenkins to fully automate processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency and scalability.

Airwalk Consulting / Vive bank, London (Remote)

September 2020 – January 2021

Joined a consultant team brought in to help with the launch of a new bank. The main tasks involved setting up, securing and hardening new infrastructure (Dev and Production), separating an existing VPC into secured segregated multiple VPCs, creating CI\CD pipelines and implementing IaaC.

Alantra - Private investment bank, London

January 2020 – May 2020

Senior DevOps and Cloud Architect, Design and deployment of holistic cloud solution for a greenfield project. The project included the design of the app cloud infrastructure, information security and compliance, configuration management and CI\CD automation.

BlockDox limited, London

6 months project, November 2018 - June 2019

DevOps consultant. BlockDox is a start-up in the field of smart buildings, during this project I’ve helped BlockDox setup a cloud infrastructure, IoT infrastructure and automated deployment, security and transform their deployment into modern cloud native technologies.

Trinity Mirror, London

6-month project, Jan-June 2018

Release Engineer, designed and implemented a CI/CD infrastructure based on Jenkins Declarative Pipeline. This project involved redesigning, modernizing and optimizing the current release pipelines and methods, and consolidating different infrastructures into a centralized CI/CD environment.

BCG-DV, London

3 months project - September-December 2017

Lead DevOps consultant working on a Blockchain project for a high-profile client. Setting up Greenfield environment based on Azure, Docker, Gitlab and Ethreuem. The project mainly focused on setting up blockchain P2P network of nodes using CI/CD with Jenkins, pipelines, git and Docker.

CloudTP, London

July-August 2017 (Kickstart project)

Part of the kickstart team for a cloud infrastructure project within a UK based retail bank. This project included cloud deployment and provisioning of AWS services using Terraform, Chef and Bash.

Preh Car Connect, Dresden, Germany

6 months project - February-July 2017

Providing DevOps support with a new cutting-edge cloud-based solution for the automotive industry. This role included setting up AWS infrastructure from the ground up using Ansible, Packer, Docker, Jenkins and other DevOps tools.

BCG-DV / Twill-logistics (Damco), Berlin, Germany

3 months project - November 2016 – January 2017

Provided DevOps support for a new start-up through BCG-DV in Berlin. This role included setting up a production environment from scratch based on Docker, DC/OS and Azure cloud.

Randstad, Frankfurt, Germany

August-October 2016

Provided AWS support with a large-scale global cloud migration from on-premise data centres. This role included design and implementation of cloud provisioning using Ansible for the German subsidiaries of Randstad.



Currently held certifications

CKA: CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator
AWS: AWS Solution Architect (Associate) AWS-ASA-17608.

VCP:  VMware certified professional (VCAP 4.1 - 2011)

RHCE: RedHat Certified Engineer (2010)

MCSE: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (2009)

BA: Political Sciences & Business Administration (2008), Hebrew University, Jerusalem 

My Skills

What I Do

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